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Drowning in technical tasks & issues?

Get a WooCommerce technical crew at your fingertips

We’ll take care of your store’s technical requirements so you can focus on growing your e-commerce business.

110% Money Back Guarantee. Flat Monthly Fee. No Contracts, cancel anytime.

Grow Your Business. We Will Handle The Technical Stuff.


Making changes to your WooCommerce store takes valuable time and effort. Constant WordPress and WooCommerce updates are also bound to break your site and cause a loss in revenue.

Leave the issues and tweaks to the experts. We already know how to fix your issue and free up some time for you to grow your business.


These are issues that inhibit you from making sales. We guarantee a 2 to 3 hour response time on these issues.


Tasks that you would like to have done but just don’t get around to.
This could be anything from installing a new plugin to changing your checkout sequence.


Updates are first tested on a staging environment before being implemented on your live store. Deployment to live will happen at a time where traffic or sales are low.


We will run a checkout test every week to ensure that your checkout process is working. Because you can’t make a sale if customers can’t pay you.

Untold Monsters Might Be Lurking In The Dark. 

Are you a 100% sure that you are on top of everything and nothing is slipping through the cracks. What might you be missing at the moment?

Ensuring your site is properly protected against malware and hacker attacks, frequently backed up, optimised for performance and always online is crucial.

You’re probably not a WordPress or WooCommerce expert and might need some assistance to keep your site healthy.


Speed up your site to maximise your Google ranking and reduce your cart abandonment rate.



Unsecure and compromised sites can hugely impact your Google rankings and AdWords campaigns. We will make sure your site is ALWAYS safe and secure.


Hourly backups so you’ll never lose any customer or sales data.


Ensuring all orders and other email communication from your site reaches the inboxes of your customers.


A safe environment where you can install and test new methods of driving your sales to ultimate heights without compromising the operation of your live store.


Because you can’t sell squat if your store is down. We will ensure that your site is operational…ALWAYS.


You will receive detailed monthly/weekly reports to keep your informed on the state of every aspect of your store.


Full transparency from our side guaranteed. You will be able to see who has been working on your store and what has been done.

Instant Communication

You can submit your support issues or tweaks using any of the following channels. Use any messenger you prefer (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram) or even email.

What Our Clients Say

    positive review  WooCrew is such a professional company. Excellent service and always goes the extra mile. Will recommend them to any size company.

    Theresa De Gouveia Avatar Theresa De Gouveia
    December 5, 2018

    positive review  WooCrew helped us migrate our huge 14Gb wordpress site with no hassles, and no fuss. Thanks a bunch guys!!

    SP Van Der Merwe Avatar SP Van Der Merwe
    December 4, 2018

    5 star review  It's so great to not have to worry about having backups or getting hacked. Thank you for an amazing service! I highly recommend WP Monkey.

    Jaco Bruwer Avatar Jaco Bruwer
    March 5, 2018

    5 star review  WP Monkey is excellent. As a small business owner, I feel confident with the knowledge that WP Monkey looks after my website and Woocommerce online shop. I have the flexibility to make easy changes on the site myself, but for more advanced changes I can just send an email and it gets sorted. Monthly website care reports show me exactly whats been happening on my site. Would definitely recommend their services.

    Yolanda Botha Avatar Yolanda Botha
    March 5, 2018

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